Land Use & Zoning

Many cities and counties in Kansas regulate land use and development through zoning and subdivision regulations. Zoning disputes between neighbors can be among the most contentious. The right of the landowner to use land, the desires of other land owners to be protected from the impacts of neighboring land uses, and the desire of local governments to direct and control growth often come into conflict.

We represent developers, landowners, planning staff, planning commissions and county commissions in Kansas zoning and land use cases. Our work has included cases involving:

  • solid waste disposal facilities
  • quarries
  • wind turbines
  • agritourism
  • adult-oriented businesses
  • airfields
  • many other land uses

We advise on the gamut of zoning matters:

  • administration of zoning and subdivision codes
  • zoning changes
  • conditional/special use permits
  • variances
  • exceptions
  • zoning interpretations
  • conflict between zoning law and constitutional issues of takings, free speech, due process and interstate commerce

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